Quantum Information Seminar


Condensed Matter / Quantum Information Theory
Thursdays 11:00-12:00, MBP2 116 (unless otherwise noted)



Sep 19

Parallelising quantum eigensolvers for excited states
Carlos Benavides (Trento University)
14:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Aug 31

How to make your favorite Josephson junction
Anton Akhmerov (TU Delft)

Jul 13

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Neutral atom quantum processors and the error correction frontier
Dolev Bluvstein (Harvard)
14:00, virtual room

Jul 12

The Electron Correlation Problem from a Quantum Information Perspective
Christian Schilling (LMU Munich)
15:30, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Jul 06

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Exploring the physics of XY spin models with arrays of single Rydberg atoms
Thierry Lahaye (CNRS Paris-Saclay)
11:00, virtual room

Jun 29

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Topological phases with Rydberg atoms
Hans Peter Büchler (Stuttgart)
11:00, virtual room

Jun 27

The power of coherent attacks in QKD
Ramona Wolf (ETH Zürich)
16:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 117

Jun 19

Compact description of quantum phase slip junctions
Christina Koliofoti (FZ Jülich)

May 03

Bulk-to-boundary anyon fusion from microscopic models
Julio Magdalena (FU Berlin)

Apr 25

Quantum interference of cavity light with a single atom in double well
Yijia Zhou (China Academy of Engineering Physics)
15:00, virtual room

Apr 20

Objectivity of classical quantum stochastic processes
Piotr Szańkowski (Polish Academy of Sciences)


WS 22/23

Mar 23

Electronic scattering at a normal metal/nodal line semimetal interface
Mattia Rudi (University of Calabria)
14:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Mar 22

Switching of Sublattice Magnetization in Quantum Antiferromagnets Described by Schwinger Bosons
Katrin Bolsmann (TU Dortmund)

Feb 16

Improved decoding of quantum LDPC codes using neural-network enhanced belief propagation
Bohan Lu (FU Berlin)
10:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Feb 13

The Random-Bond Ising Model and its dual in Hyperbolic Spaces
Benedikt Placke (MPIPKS Dresden)

Feb 09

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Reservoir Computing
Kae Kemoto (OIST, Japan)
11:00, virtual room

Feb 02

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Floquet codes
Jeongwan Haah (Microsoft)
17:00, virtual room

Feb 02

Benefits and Detriments of Noise in Quantum Classification
Christoph Hirche (University of Copenhagen)
11:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 117

Jan 26

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Bosonic Codes
Victor Albert (University of Maryland)
16:00, virtual room

Jan 19

Restricting process matrices with non-causal Page-Wootters states
Lukas Schmitt (ETH Zurich)
14:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Jan 19

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Quantum walks via random walks, block encodings and electric networks
Simon Apers (Université de Paris)
11:00, virtual room

Jan 12

Implementing Fault-tolerant Entangling Gates on the Five-qubit Code and the Color Code
Ciaran Ryan-Anderson (Quantinuum)
14:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Jan 12

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
The potential impact of quantum algorithms on society
Ronald de Wolf (QuSoft, Amsterdam)
11:00, virtual room

Dec 15

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Device-independent quantum cryptography
Glaucia Murta (Düsseldorf)
11:00, virtual room

Dec 14

Learning efficient decoders for quasi-chaotic quantum scramblers
Salvatore Oliviero (Umass Boston)

Dec 12

Decomposing neural networks as mappings of correlation functions
Kirsten Fischer (FZ Jülich)
11:30, Physikzentrum MBP2 117

Dec 01

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Quantum Repeaters for Quantum Communication
Filip Rozpędek (University of Chicago)
16:00, virtual room

Nov 24

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
High-dimensional entanglement for quantum communication
Marcus Huber (IQOQI Vienna)
11:00, virtual room

Nov 10

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Communication in a quantum world
Eleni Diamanti (CNRS, Sorbonne Université)
11:00, virtual room

Nov 07

Topological phases with Rydberg atoms
Hanspeter Büchler (University of Stuttgart)

Nov 04

Towards cross-platform verification in quantum networks
Johannes Knörzer (ETH Zürich)

Oct 27

Bloch oscillations effects in ultrasmall Josephson junctions embedded in high-inductance environment
Fabian Kaap (PTB Braunschweig)


SS 22

Jun 23

Escaping thermalization: many body localized regimes
Luis Colmenarez (MPI Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden)

May 19

Qubit alive thanks to the anomaly
Enrique Rico (University of the Basque Country, Bilbao)

Apr 28

Quantum field theory on a superconducting chip
Serge Florens (Institut Neel, Grenoble)


WS 21/22

Mar 14

Quantum aspects of the electrooptic sampling and modulation of the electromagnetic vacuum
Thiago Lucena (University of Konstanz)
14:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Mar 11

Correcting erasures with topological subsystem color codes
Pradeep Sarvepal (IIT Madras)
11:00, virtual room

Feb 17

Non-equilibrium phase transition in a single-electron micromaser
Fredrik Brange (Aalto University, Finland)
11:00, virtual room

Jan 20

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Topology by dissipation: From a no-go theorem and a recipe to novel transport properties and disorder-induced criticality
Moshe Goldstein (Tel Aviv University)
11:00, virtual room

Dec 16

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Non-Hermitian physics: Exceptional points, symmetry and breakdown of the bulk-boundary correspondence
Flore Kunst (Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics)
11:00, virtual room

Dec 02

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Driven dissipative Majorana dark states and dark spaces
Reinhold Egger (HHU Düsseldorf)
11:00, virtual room

Nov 25

Electron hydrodynamics in two-dimensional Dirac systems
Thomas Schmidt (Luxembourg)
14:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Nov 18

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
When quantum error correction meets leakage in a superconducting surface code
Francesco Battistel (TU Delft)
11:00, virtual room

Nov 11

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Encoding and operating a Schrödinger-cat qubit in a parametrically-driven nonlinear resonator
Alexander Grimm (Paul Scherrer Institute)
11:00, virtual room

Nov 11

Parity Quantum Computing
Wolfgang Lechner (University of Innsbruck)
14:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Nov 09

Tensor Networks and Topological Phases
M. Stroeks (TU Delft)
11:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 016

Nov 04

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Quantum Systems under Drive: From Micro- to Macrophysics
Sebastian Diehl (University of Cologne)
11:00, virtual room


SS 21

Oct 06

Time-crystal phase transition, fluctuations, and quantum correlations in an emitter-waveguide system with feedback
I. Lesanovsky (Tübingen)
11:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 117

Jul 22

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Gravity from entanglement
Nele Callebaut (Cologne)
11:00, virtual room

Jul 08

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
A matrix model for holographic random matchgate tensor networks
Carolin Wille (Cologne)
11:00, virtual room

Jun 24

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Quantum Information and AdS/CFT
René Meyer (Würzburg)
11:00, virtual room

May 20

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Engineering quantum processors and quantum networks atom-by-atom
Hannes Bernien (Chicago)
16:00, virtual room

May 06

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Prospects and Challenges for Training Quantum Neural Networks
Marco Cerezo (Los Alamos)
16:00, virtual room

Apr 22

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Quantum simulations with trapped ions
Christine Maier (Innsbruck)
11:00, virtual room

Apr 15

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
How to use verified phase estimation
Tom O’Brian (Google / Leiden)
11:00, virtual room


WS 20/21

Mar 16

A distinctive class of dissipation-induced phase transitions
Matteo Soriente (ETH Zurich)
15:00, virtual room

Mar 04

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Ultra-high vacuum lithography for topological insulator – superconductor hybrid devices
Peter Schüffelgen (FZJ)
11:00, virtual room

Feb 18

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Engineering topological phases in photonic & atomic platforms
Hannah Price (Birmingham)
11:00, virtual room

Feb 16

Near-term Hybrid Machine Learning Algorithms with Qubits and Classical Neural Networks
Manuel Rudolph (Zapata Computing)
11:00, virtual room

Feb 12

Semantic Segmentation in Machine Learning - Theory and Application in Building Footprint Extraction from Satellite Images
Oliver Sefrin (KIT)
11:00, virtual room

Feb 11

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Parafermions: topological states in interacting systems
Thomas Schmidt (Luxembourg)
11:00, virtual room

Jan 28

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
From Andreev to Majorana bound states in hybrid superconductor-semiconductor nanowires
Elsa Prada (Madrid)
11:00, virtual room

Jan 14

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
About the characterisation of many-body indistinguishability
Christoph Dittel (Freiburg)
11:00, virtual room

Dec 17

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
Majorana states in semiconductor nanowires – experimental progress
Attila Geresdi (Chalmers)
11:00, virtual room

Dec 11

Noise-Induces Delocalization and Hyperdiffusion in 1D Non-Interacting Quantum Systems
Ehsan Gholami
13:30, virtual room

Dec 10

ML4Q Concepts Seminar
An introduction to Majorana fermions
Fabian Hassler (RWTH Aachen)
10:30, virtual room


SS 20

Apr 29

Analogue Quantum Simulation of Dynamical Abelian Gauge Fields
Lorenzo Cardarelli (Hannover)
11:00, virtual room


WS 19/20

Apr 15

Controlling ultracold atomic ensembles with low-frequency radiation
German Sinuco-Leon (University of Sussex, UK)
11:00, virtual room

Mar 05

Simulating Floquet phases in static systems
Selma Franca (IFW Dresden)

Feb 19

Strongly Interacting Systems and Lattice Gauge Theory
Seyong Kim (Seoul National University, Korea)
10:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Feb 18

Features of associative memory behaviour in coupled spin-boson systems
Eliana Fiorelli (University of Nottingham, UK)

Feb 13

cQED with hybrid superconducting-semiconducting nanowires
Bernard van Heck (Microsoft Delft, Netherlands)

Feb 03

Strongly correlated one-dimensional systems with long-range interactions
Thomas Botzung (University of Strassbourg, France)

Jan 29

Qubit loss in tological QEC codes – theory and experimental building blocks
Davide Vodola (University of Bologna, Italy)

Dec 12

Quantum Pin Codes
Christophe Vuillot (INRIA Paris, France)
11:30, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Nov 26

Identifying Quantum Phase Transitions with Adversarial Neural Networks
Alexandre Dauphin (ICFO Barcelona, Spain)

Nov 21

Continuous-time quantum measurements and stochastic master equations
Pierre Rouchon (Mines ParisTech, France)

Nov 20

From entanglement to contextuality: the tale of new wine in old bottles
Farid Shahandeh (Swansea University, UK)

Nov 14

Master equations for the description of non-Markovian dynamics in open quantum system theory
Bassano Vacchini (University of Milan, Italy)

Oct 09

A Quantum of Noise
Florentin Reiter (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
15:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116


WS 18/19

Feb 11

Improving the performance of electron spin qubit systems
Maximilian Russ (University of Konstanz)
09:30, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Nov 29

The Keldysh-ETH approach to quantum computing
Jim Freericks (Georgetown University)

Nov 08

Localization counteracts decoherence in noisy Floquet topological chains
Cosma Fulga (IFW Dresden)
14:30, Physikzentrum MBP2 116


SS 18

Aug 21

Quantum Computing with Qubits Encoded in Oscillators
Arne Grimsmo (Sydney/Sherbrooke)
14:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Jun 26

How many qubits are there in my n-qubit quantum computer?
Tal Mor (Technion)
10:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116


WS 17/18

Mar 22

Quasicharge models of Josephson junction arrays
Samuel Wilkinson (RMIT University, Australia)

Mar 01

Quantum approximate Markov chains in many-body physics
Kohtaro Kato (Caltech)

Feb 20

Fluxon-Based Quantum Simulation in circuit QED
Alexandru Petrescu (Princeton)
10:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Nov 16

Classical simulation of quantum computers with little magic
Earl Cambell (University of Sheffield)
14:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Nov 10

Spin non-conserving effects in electronic transport through quantum dots
Lucía Gonzalez Rosado (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
10:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116


SS 17

Aug 03

Josephson junction arrays: simple circuits, complicated physics
Jared Cole (RMIT University, Melbourne)

Jul 31

Geometry of Entanglement on the Bloch Sphere
Rotem Liss (Technion)
14:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

May 02

Symmetry fractionalisation in Topological Order and its consequences in Symmetry Protected Topological phases
Laura Ortiz (Complutense University, Madrid)


WS 16/17

Mar 31

Maximum likelihood decoding threshold for oscillator quantum error correcting codes
Leonid Pryadko (UC Riverside)

Mar 09

Entropy measurement in quantum systems
Mohammad Ansari (FZ Jülich)

Feb 09

Chiral thermoelectrics with quantum Hall edge states
B. Sothmann (Duisburg-Essen)

Jan 26

Superconductivity provides access to the chiral magnetic effect of an unpaired Weyl cone
I. Adagideli (Sabanci University)
14:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Jan 16

Optimization of real-world qubit measurements
B. D'Anjou (McGill)
10:30, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Dec 14

Unifying gate-synthesis and magic state distillation
Earl Campbell (Sheffield University)
14:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116


SS 16

Jul 21

Energy flow and winding of the gaps in the Hofstadter butterfly of Chern and Floquet insulators
J. Asboth (Wigner Research Centre, Budapest)

Jun 23

Quantum chopping of light: Control over few photon pulses by a time-periodic modulation of the light-matter coupling
K. Pedersen (RWTH Aachen)


WS 15/16

Mar 10

Scattering theory of the chiral magnetic effect in a Weyl semimetal: Interplay of bulk Weyl cones and surface Fermi arcs
P. Baireuther (Leiden)

Feb 01

Helical edge states of two-dimensional topological insulators
T. Schmidt (Luxemburg)
13:30, Physikzentrum MBP2 117

Dec 17

Superconducting structures with Majorana Fermions
K. Kulikov (University of Dubna, Russia)

Nov 12

From Majorana-Cooper box and topological Kondo effect towards Majorana Surface Codes
S. Plugge (Düsseldorf)

Oct 29

Probing contextuality with superconducting quantum circuits
A. Fedorov (University of Queensland)

Oct 26

Almost all symmetric states are useful for quantum metrology
M. Oszmaniec (ICFO Barcelona)
14:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Oct 22

Quantum control of a high-speed semiconductor quantum dot hybrid qubit
M. Eriksson (Wisconsin-Madison)
14:00, Physikzentrum 28B 110


SS 15

Sep 10

Gate-controlled preparation, manipulation, and readout of zero-energy Majorana modes for topological quantum computation
M. Hell (Copenhagen)
10:30, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Jul 21

Ground state connectivity of local Hamiltonians
S. Gharibian (Virginia Commonwealth University)
15:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Jul 09

Quantum theory of light scattering in a one-dimensional channel: Interaction effect on photon statistics and entanglement entropy
M. Pletyukhov (RWTH)
10:30, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Jul 06

Testing time-reversal symmetry in artificial atoms
F. Brito (Sao Paolo)
15:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Jul 03

Superconducting electromechanics on silicon nitride nanomembranes
J. Fink (Caltech)
15:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116


WS 14/15

Feb 05

S. Poletto (TU Delft)
10:30, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Jan 29

Dynamical Coulomb blockade of the high frequency noise of a tunnel junction
F. Portier (Saclay)
10:30, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Jan 22

Majorana fermions in ferromagnetic atomic chains on a superconductor
S. Nadj-Perge (TU Delft)
10:30, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Jan 15

Topological Phases of Ultracold Fermionic Gases in Optical Lattices
M. Burrello (MPQ Garching)
10:30, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Dec 18

Control of qubits beyond the rotating wave approximation
R. Said (Ulm)
10:30, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Dec 11

Fractionalized electrons in second quantization
E. Cobanera (Utrecht)
10:30, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Dec 04

Quantum Emulation of Gravitational Waves
I. Fernandez-Corbaton (KIT)
10:30, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Nov 27

Topological Phases of Sound and Light
F. Marquardt (Erlangen)
10:30, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Nov 06

Distinguishability of quantum field states
C. Bény (Hannover)
10:30, Physikzentrum MBP2 116


SS 14

Sep 04

The mathematics of topological quantum phases
P. Naaijkens (Hannover)

Jun 12

First-order corrections to the meanfield limit via non-commutative central limit
R. Matjeschk (Hannover)

May 15

Quantum information under noise
D. Reeb (TU München)

May 08

Spin polarized injection of electrons as a unique probe for 2-D and 3-D topological insulator surface state
S. Das (University of Delhi)


Previous seminars


Feb 27

Dynamically protected cat-qubits with quantum superconducting circuits
M. Mirrahimi (INRIA, Paris)

Dec 19

Phonon-mediated decay of singlet-triplet qubits in double quantum dots
V. Kornich (Basel)
11:00, Physikzentrum 28 A 301

Dec 17

Dissipative encoding and state preparation for topological order
R. König (Waterloo)
10:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Dec 05

Towards physical implementation of protected qubits
B. Douçot (Paris 6)
11:30, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Nov 28

Geometry and dynamics of matrix product states
J. Haegeman (Gent)
10:30, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

Nov 21

Quantum shot noise in a tunnel junction as a probe of charge transfer: toward the dynamical control of tunneling processes
J. Gabelli (Saclay)

Nov 11

Kwant: a sofware package for quantum transport
A. Akhmerov (Delft)
11:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116

SS 13

Jul 18

Non-Equilibrium Behaviour and Thermalization in 1D Bose Gases
R. Konik (Brookhaven)

Jul 17

Current and noise in interacting quantum pumps
R. Riwar (RWTH Aachen)
14:00, Physikzentrum 26 C 401

Jul 11

Protected boundary states in topological superconductors
A. Schnyder (MPI Stuttgart)

Jun 20

Quantum information seminar
Entanglement rates and area laws
K. Van Acoleyen (Gent)

May 16

Materials design from non-equilibrium steady states: driven graphene as a tunable semiconductor with topological properties
S. Kusminskiy (FU Berlin)

May 02

Quantum information seminar
Flux-controlled quantum computation with Majorana fermions
B. van Heck (Leiden)

Apr 25

Half-metallic bilayer graphene
J. Yuan (University of Hongkong)

WS 12/13

Apr 11

Quantum information seminar
Upper bounds on mixing rates
A. Vershynina (Princeton)

Mar 21

Quantum information seminar
Nano-ElectroMechanical Resonators: Their Applications in Quantum Information
S. Barzanjeh (RWTH)

Mar 07

Quantum information seminar
Perturbative parent Hamiltonians for topologically ordered states
C. Brell (University of Sydney)

Feb 07

Electron quantum optics in ballistic conductors
G. Fève (CEA Saclay)

Jan 31

Quantum information seminar
Controlling the trajectory of a superconducting qubit by measurement based feedback
F. Mallet (ENS Paris)
11:30, Physikzentrum 26 C 401

Jan 17

Spin chains for perfect state transfer and quantum computing
M. Bruderer (Ulm)

Dec 20

Transport properties of one-dimensional systems from finite temperature dynamical DMRG
Ch. Karrasch (Berkley)

Dec 13

Electrical control of the Kondo effect in a helical edge liquid
E. Eriksson (Gothenburg)

Dec 06

Quantum information seminar
Lattice modulation of a two-dimensional superfluid: could it be…the Higgs particle?
L. Pollet (LMU Munich)

Nov 29

Quantum information seminar
Detecting Majorana bound states
C. Benjamin (NISER, Bhubaneswar)

Nov 08

Transition from fractional to Majorana fermions in Rashba nanowires
J. Klinovaja (Basel)

Nov 02

Quantum information seminar
Adaptive tuning of Majorana fermions in a quantum dot chain
I.C. Fulga (Leiden)

Oct 25

Quantum information seminar
Multiplets in the Entanglement Spectrum
A. Turner (Amsterdam)

Oct 11

Charge and spin counting statistics of interacting quantum impurity models
A. Komnik (Heidelberg)

Oct 09

Quantum information seminar
Local topological order inhibits thermal stability in 2D
O. Landon-Cardinal (Sherbrooke)

Oct 04

Quantum information seminar
Atomic Quantum Simulation of Dynamical Gauge Fields coupled to Fermionic Matter: From String Breaking to Evolution after a Quench
E. Rico (Innsbruck)

SS 12

Sep 27

Quantum information seminar
Exponential decay of correlations implies area law
F. Brandao (ETH Zurich)

Sep 13

Quantum information seminar
Majorana bound states in inhomogeneous spin ladders
F. Pedrocchi (Basel)

Aug 30

Quantum information seminar
Approximating commuting Hamiltonians on expanders is in NP
L. Eldar (Hebrew University)

Jul 19

Quantum information seminar
The bare essentials of topological orders in fractional quantum Hall liquids
A. Seidel (Washington University St. Louis)

Jul 12

Non-Fermi liquid physics in two-channel Kondo models
Andrew Mitchell (Cologne)

Jul 05

(In)complete Fluctuation Theorems for Entropy Production in weak- and strong-coupling limits
G. Schaller (TU Berlin)

Jun 28

Microwave quantum optics and electron transport through a metallic dot strongly coupled to a transmission line cavity
P. Samuelsson (Lund)

Jun 21

Geometric Landau-Zener Interferometry
P. Solinas (Aalto University)

Jun 14

Keldysh effective action theory for universal physics in spin-1/2 Kondo dots
S. Smirnov (Regensburg)

May 24

Quantum information seminar
Scalable noise characterization via randomized benchmarking protocols
E. Magesan (Waterloo)

May 23

Josephson current in a four terminal superconductor - exciton condensate - superconductor system
R. Fazio (SNS Pisa)
10:00, Physikzentrum 26 C 401

May 10

Quantum information seminar
Non-Abelian anyons in condensed matter
K. Shtengel (UC Riverside)

May 09

Diffusion-induced dephasing and bistability in driven nanomechanical resonators
J. Atalaya (Chalmers)
16:00, Physikzentrum MB 026

Apr 12

Quantum information seminar
Quantum Walks: a route to simulate condensed matter phenomena
V. Scholz (ETH Zurich)

Apr 05

Quantum information seminar
Probing Atomic Majorana Fermions in Optical Lattices
Ch. Kraus (Innsbruck)

WS 11/12

Mar 29

Quantum information seminar
Arrays of microtraps on an atom chip as a new quantum information platform
R. Spreeuw
11:30, Physikzentrum 26 C 401

Mar 08

Quantum information seminar
Entanglement by dissipation
Ch. Muschik

Feb 02

Topological photonic crystals
V. Gritsev

Jan 26

Quantum information seminar
Qubits in Semiconductor Nanowires
S. Frolov

Jan 25

Finite-frequency noise of the anisotropic Kondo model at finite bias and magnetic field: a real-time renormalization group analysis
S. Müller

Jan 23

Entanglement spectra in quantum systems
V. Alba

Jan 19

Transport Properties of Dirac-Weyl Electrons in Inhomogeneous Spin-Orbit Structure in Graphene
D. Bercioux

Jan 16

Tunable quantum glasses and phase transitions of atoms and photons: first testable predictions for glassy physics with many-body cavity QED
P. Strack

Dec 15

Valence bond approach to the low-energy physics of antiferromagnets
D. Schwandt

Dec 12

Emergence of bound states in the nonequilibrium time evolution of interacting spin chains after a local quantum quench
H. G. Evertz

Dec 08

Valley-orbit splitting, photon-assisted tunneling and electron pumping with 2 coupled donor states in silicon
X. Jehl

Nov 24

Quantum information seminar
Non-equilibrium state of a leaking photon cavity pumped by a random atomic beam
A. Vershynina

Nov 17

Quantum information seminar
Quantum electromotive effects and self-sustained oscillations in a mechanically oscillating SQUID
F. Konschelle

Nov 10

Competing magnetic orders in the pnictides
J. Schmiedt

Nov 02

Quantum information seminar
Josephson Junction Arrays with Majorana Fermions
B. van Heck

Oct 20

Localization and circulating currents in curved graphene
R. P. Tiwari

Sep 29

Spin-orbit effects on the Josephson current through interacting quantum dots
S. Droste

Sep 22

A renormalization group approach to the time evolution of correlated quantum dots
D. Kennes

Sep 15

DMRG calculations for anisotropic antiferromagnetic Heisenberg chains
D. Peters