Lecture notes (in German)

Analytical Mechanics

Special Theory of Relativity

Quantum Mechanics

Statistical Mechanics

Quantum Theory of Many-Particle Systems


Past courses

WS 22/23 Theoretical physics II for teachers
SS 22 Quantum mechanics
WS 21/22 Statistical mechanics
SS 21 Quantum Theory of Many-Particle Systems
WS 20/21 Path integral methods for quantum optics
SS 20 Quantum transport
WS 19/20 “Introduction to Theoretical Physics”
SS19 “Quantum Mechanics”
SS 18 “Introduction to Theoretical Physics”
WS 17/18 “Quantum Optics”
SS 17 “Quantum Information”
WS 16/17 “Quantum Optics”
SS16 “Analytical Mechanics”
WS15/16 “Quantum Transport”
SS15 Preparatory course: “Mathematical Methods for Physics”
WS 14/15 “Special Theory of Relativity”
SS 14 “Quantum Theory of Many-Particle Systems”
WS 13/14 “Special Theory of Relativity”
SS 13 “Quantum Theory of Many-Particle Systems
WS 12/13 “Selected Topics in Mesoscopic Physics”
SS 12 “Quantum Theory of Many-Particle Systems”