A comparative study on the combustion chemistry of two bio-hybrid fuels: 1,3-dioxane and 1,3-dioxolane

Hellmuth, Maximilian Alexander; Chen, Bingjie (Corresponding author); Bariki, Chaimae; Cai, Liming; Cameron, Florence; Wildenberg, Alina; Huang, Can; Faller, Sebastian; Ren, Yihua; Beeckmann, Joachim; Leonhard, Kai; Heufer, Karl Alexander; Hansen, Nils; Pitsch, Heinz

Washington, DC : American Chemical Society (2022, 2023)
Journal Article

In: The journal of physical chemistry / A
Volume: 127
Issue: 1
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 286-299


  • Department of Physics [130000]
  • Chair of Experimental Physics and Institute of Physics II [132210]
  • Chair and Institute of Combustion Technology [411410]
  • Chair and Institute of Technical Thermodynamics [412110]
  • Chair of High Pressure Gas Dynamics [415510]