Research at JARA IQI

Quantum Technology Group

The Quantum Technology Group is dedicated to the experimental investigation of semiconductor spin-qubits and to scanning SQUID spectroscopy.  The group is led by Prof. Hendrik Bluhm and Dr. Lars Schreiber.

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Quantum Information - Theory

The theory groups of Prof. David DiVincenzo, Prof. Fabian Hassler, Prof. Markus Müller, Prof. Mario Berta, and Prof. Barbara Terhal (TU Delft) pursue a variety of topics in both practical and fundamental quantum information science.

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Aerial view Forschungszentrum Jülich © Copyright: achim keiper 01638822212

Quantum Information in Jülich

The Institute strongly profits from its tight binds with the Research Center Jülich and its activities in the field of quantum information.


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