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Prof. Dr.

Barbara M. Terhal

QuTech (TU Delft)

Professor an QuTech (TU Delft) & leitende Wissenschaftlerin am Forschungszentrum Jülich


Room B208

Lorentzweg 1


CJ Delft


Telefon: +31 15 27 81940

Barbara Terhal coined the term Entanglement Witness for the detection of quantum entanglement. Together with co-authors at IBM and elsewhere she has invented the notions of unextendible product bases, remote state preparation, quantum data hiding and the locking of classical information in quantum states. She has inititiated the versatile use of perturbative gadgets for quantum simulation and quantum complexity theory. With DiVincenzo she has explored the computational power of weaker models of quantum computation such as fermionic linear optics and constant depth circuits. With Bravyi she has proved no-go results on 2D self-correcting quantum memories and proved results on the computational power of sign-free 'stoquastic' Hamiltonians. She has revived an asychronous model of quantum computation due to Margolus as the space-time circuit-to-Hamiltonian construction for use in Hamiltonian and adiabatic computation.

Talk on Majorana Surface Code (NCCR-QSIT, Monte Verita, 2012): majferm_topoMV.pdf

Talk on Fermions, Bosons, Constant Depth Circuits and QC (given at 2002 IBM Workshop on Solid State Quantum Computing, font-fixes from 2016): ssqc2002_ferm04.pdf

Essay on the Fragility of Quantum Information,

Want to learn about quantum error correction? Check out my Rev. Mod. Phys Quantum Error Correction for Quantum Memories

An old note on representing a qubit in a double quantum dot and driving rotations around the X-axis written in the year 1995: qdot2.pdf

Short Curriculum Vitae

  • 1969: Born in Leiden, The Netherlands.

  • 1999: PhD in Theoretical Physics at the University of Amsterdam.

  • 1999-2001: Postdoctoral Researcher, IBM Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY, USA.

  • 2001: Postdoctoral Researcher, Caltech, USA.

  • 2001-2010: Research Staff Member, IBM Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights NY, USA.

  • 2010-2017: Professor Theoretical Physics at RWTH Aachen, Germany

  • 2014-present: Distinguished Visiting Research Chair, Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Canada

  • 2015-present. Researcher at Forschungszentrum Jülich

  • 2017-present. Professor QuTech Delft

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